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We have done work for a variety of clients with regional, national, and international scope.


  • Curriculum development for classroom, virtual, and blended contexts

  • Subject matter expert for K-12 math 

  • Subject matter expert for 9-12 computer science

  • Standard & learning outcome development

  • Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Supporting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Instructional design

Wisewire/OpenStax: OER Algebra 1

Project lead for effort funded by Gates Foundation to create blended OER Algebra 1 course with strong DEI and SEL components as well as solid research-driven instruction. Primary audience is under-served students in urban settings, and the teachers educating them. 


CCR: High School Computer Science Sequence

Content developer for sequence of high school computer science courses that helps students with minimal technology experience learn skills that can lead to solid careers. Topics include cybersecurity, computer networking, and mobile app development with Java and Android Studio.


The World Bank: Changing Math Education in Armenia

Member of international team of experts supporting and guiding Armenians as they modernize their curricula and approaches for educating students from elementary through secondary school. Main products include standard sets, learning outcomes, and revised instructional/assessment strategies.


CCR: Modern Math Modules

Original content development and instructional design for real-world application-driven math modules spanning topics such as Exponential Modeling, Bayesian Thinking, Complex Systems, and Game Theory. 


Wisewire/Edgenuity: SME for Computer Science Principles Media 

Subject matter expert with primary responsibility for reviewing multimedia assets for Python-based Computer Science Principles courses.

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